Taqwacore updates (courtesy of جون بلوتن)

More on Taqwacore from جون بلوتن (Tales from Bradistan)

(1) A short excerpt from AMERICAN ARAB, an in-progress Kartemquin Films documentary by Usama Alshaibi, featuring Marwan Kamel of the Taqwacore band Al-Thawra.

(2) Another repost from Tales from Bradistan with some great photos of the Kominas

The Kominas Live In Bradistan

Following the ending of the taqwacore tour in the UK, Boston band The Kominas stayed on in order to play more shows. A hastily arranged session was put together in Bradistan and held at the Bradistan Playhouse. There was barely over twenty-four hours time to promote the gig plus it coincided with the world cup final so it was no surprise that it was very sparsely attended.

The gig was about as punk as it gets – no stage, half a drum kit with no microphones, no monitors and buzzing guitar leads – but the sound wasn’t that bad. The Kominas put in a typically energetic performance that lasted for around an hour. In the end they were taking requests from the audience and everyone who attended left satisfied.

Here is a selection of photographs that I took at the concert.

For more photographs click here

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